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Coach Li's Column on New Star Times (in Chinese)

Our Head Coach Huahua Li is a renowned legend among Chinese fencers. Although she showed athletic talent at a very young age, Huahua had no plan to be a professional athlete until she came across sport fencing by coincidence when she was 15. She fell in love with this sport that is also known as "physical chess" and was drafted by the Chinese National Team after a short period of time >>>


Hua Hua Fencing was founded in 2011 in the town of Richmond Hill. We had moved and expanded to 12000 sqf brand new facility in Markham since 2019. Our Head Coach Huahua Li attracted many young enthusiastic fencers and parents with her exquisite fencing techniques, profound understanding of fencing sport theories and their applications, unreserved dedication and unique ideas about fencing education.

While most of our members are children, we also have fencers college-aged or older >>>

Angela Li

Angela started learning fencing with Coach Li at the age of 11. Within a few years, she made a number of accomplishments 

including multiple national champions. She represented Canada in many international tournaments, won PanAm Championship twice and many medals in North America Cup, and was also awarded "Athlete of the Year" by Canadian Fencing Federation in 2016.

Angela currently studies Neuro-science at Princetion University.