Jin Ko (Foil Head Coach)

Mr. Jin Ko graduated from University of Incheon with degree of Bachelor of Physical Education in 2000. He participated Korea-Japan coach exchange program in 2010 and received Korean Fencing Coach Class-1 certification in 2012.  Jin started to coach the Korean National Team for men’s foil between 2012 and 2014, worked as the head coach for Vietnam national foil team from 2015. In 2016 he began to coach Jiangsu Provincial foil team in China.

Highlights of Jin's coaching career include Spain World Cup men’s foil individual silver in 2013; Asian men’s foil individual and team gold; Italian Grand Prix men’s foil individual bronze, Bonn World Cup men’s foil team silver and Tokyo World Cup men’s foil team silver in 2014; Malaysia Open Championships men’s (Vietnamese) foil individual and team gold in 2015; Rio Olympic women’s (Vietnamese) foil top 32 in 2016; Chinese National 13th Game man's foil team silver and woman's foil team bronze im 2017.

Jon Li (Foil)

Jonathan graduated from the Business Technology Management (BTS) Program at Ryerson University in Toronto. He started fencing training in 2008, and was a provincial champion. He is also an Ontario Fencing Association Community Instructor and a trained foil coach who has coached many students, including gold medalists in Ontario University Athletics Championship.

Yong Hi, Kim (Foil)

Mr. Yong Hi Kim,  was graduated from Korea National Sport University in 2008. Started his coaching career in 2014. 

Jean-Paul Banos (Sabre Head Coach)

Jean-Paul Banos, was born at Lavelanet, France. Jean-Paul demonstrated great ability and won his share of victories, initially in the Jeux de Québec, then with the national junior team, which he joined in 1977. That year he took part in the World Junior Championships in Vienna, Austria. Jean-Paul competed in four consecutive Summer Olympic Games: Los Angeles (1984), Seoul (1988), Barcelona (1992) and Atlanta (1996).

       1984 Summer Olympic,  Fencing(Sabre),  Individual   19,  Team 7

       1988 Summer Olympic,  Fencing(Sabre),  Individual    22,  Team 9

       1992 Summer Olympic,  Fencing(Sabre),  Individual    23,  Team 10

       1988 Summer Olympic,  Fencing(Sabre),  Individual    29,  Team 10

Kim Do Hoon (Sabre)

Kim started fencing in 1993 when he was in junior high in Incheon, Korea.  He graduated from Incheon University and continued fencing. In 2014 Kim started coaching and became the national team coach for teenagers in 2016. His sabre fencing career includes bronze at 37th National Fencing Team Championships in 1999; gold indiviual at 30th KFF President Trophy Fencing Championships in 2001; bronze at Asian Fencing Championships in 2001; Bronze at both 14th and 15th Korea Business Fencing Federation President Trophy Fencing Championships in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Dmitriy Bogolyubov (Sabre)

Led by novels of Alexandre Dumas, Dmitriy began fencing when he was ten years old. While competing, He travelled all over the former USSR. He met many other fencers, learnt many new technics, and shared his experience with them.

He is focusing on youth development aiming to raise high performance athletes.

  •     Master of Sports (Uzbekistan - Fencing) in 1988

  •     Competed in the former USSR & Canada

  •     Provincial Veteran Champion in 2017; 

  •     Canada/America Cup Bronze and Silver Medalist (2017 and 2018), 

  •     Provincial Championship 2019 - Bronze Medalist

  •     Licensed Fencing Referee

Mark Peros (Sabre)

Mark Peros is a veteran of the Canadian fencing program, having made his senior international debut in 2003. He has attended three FIE World Championships, posting his best individual result in 2010 when he finshed 60th. Peros achieved a career-high year-end world ranking of 62nd in 2012-13. In 2015 he was part of the sabre team that won silver at the Pan American Championships.

Dereck Su (Sabre)

Derek started his Sabre training after the coach found out his fencing talent when he was still a basket ball player. 

2011 Ontario Championship Men's Sabre Senior Champion 

2012 Ontario Championship Men's Sabre Senior Champion 

2013 Ontario Championship Men's Sabre Senior Champion 

2013 Canada Cup Men's Sabre Senior Champion 

David Chen-Li (Foil Coach Assistant)

David started training in foil fencing with Coach Huahua Li at the age of 12. He has since made some notable accomplishments in national and international tournaments and grew into the position of Assistant Coach at HHF. He was silver and bronze medalist in Canada Cup fencing tournaments and competed in the Euro Cup fencing tournaments. 

Dr. Linda Min

The designated Doctor at HHF, Dr. Linda Min, is an experienced massage therapist and acupuncturist registered in Ontario. Dr. Min graduated from West China Medical University in 1983, was an Associate Chief Physician at Beijing Medical University First Hospital and the founder of the Emergency Center for Women and Children in this hospital. She has extensive experiences in medical treatments, research and teaching. Dr. Min combined a variety of therapies such as Swedish massage therapy, Japanese Shiatsu therapy, traditional Chinese massage therapy, Chiropractic therapy, fragrance therapy and hot stone massage to treat her patients and relax the muscle, reduce stress, dissipate fatigue and alleviate physical pains. Many fencers benefited from Dr. Min's treatment and are able to achieve excellent results.