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Academic Education


HHF participates in community activities, and also is grateful to the support from the community. 

In May of 2016, a major wild fire broke out in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Our members and their families made their individual contributions by donating. HHF also participated in the charity event organized by the Chinese Community. Our fencers performed the fencing dance choreographed by Coach Huahua. The performance won praises from the community.

​Huahua Fencing has built great relationships with some other prestigious fencing clubs in China, Canada and the U.S. The clubs organize some cooperative events, such as guest coaching or exchange student opportunities. For more information, please check the News section on our web site.

As a fencing sport organization, we also recognize the importance of academic development of the young fencers. We specifically designed study areas or study room in our facility, so that the fencers have a great environment to continue their academic work between training sessions.

HHF also hires tutors for the interested fencers to provide individualized academic help.

Fencing Organizations

Huahua Fencing is a registered with various Fencing Federations. For more information about these fencing organization, please click on the icons below.