Congratulations to Jessica on Winning Silver Medal at Europe Cadet Circuit Event
Dec 4th, 2017

Congratulations to Jessica from HHF who just won a valuable silver medal at the Europe Women’s Foil Cadet Circuit Event at Tauberbischofsheim, Germany.

​This event is a major international event in Women’s Foil Fencing. More than 220 high performance fencers from 25 countries in Europe, America and Asia participated in this event. Jessica, at the age of 12, is one of the youngest fencers in the event. After two days of intense competition, Jessica made to the final and finished with a strong score of 10:15. This is the third time that Jessica participated Europe Cadet Circuit Events and it is a great accomplishment with this silver medal. Canadian Fencing Federation sends Congratulations to Jessica and Coach Li.

​Coach Li commented: “This is an achievement that worth celebrating. This event is a very high calibre event. Jessica has made amazing progress in recent years. This new success is a result of her hard training and great support from her family. As the lyrics said, ‘Nobody succeeds casually’. I hope this silver medal not only brings great pride to our club, but also brings inspiration to the parents and fencers.”


For more details about the event, please see​.

HHF Fencers Won Medals at Recent Competitions
Nov 28th, 2017
As the fencing season goes, HHF fencers participated in a number of competitions in October and November and won many medals. ​ 
At the RMC Team Invitational on Oct 22nd, HHF fencers competed with university varsity teams. In women's event, team HHF won the gold medal. In men's event, team HHF won the silver. HHF always value team events as they build strong leadership and teamwork skills.
At the Ben Gutenberg Memorial SYC & Cadet that was held in New York State from Oct 27th to 29th, Alexander and Nicholas finished 8th in Y14 and Y12 Men's Foil event respectively. Catherine and Grace finished 3rd and 5th in Y14 Women's Foil event. Alexander finished 6th in the Cadet Men's Foil event.
At the Canada Cup East held in Markham from Nov 3rd to 5th, HHF fencers dominated the podium: girls from HHF won 4 of the top 5 positions in Junior Women's Foil: Catherine won silver, Grace and Maggie won Bronze and Sharon won 5th.  Catherine and Grace also won gold and silver respectively in U15 Women's Foil event. Alexander and Nicholas won bronze in U15 Men's Foil event. Karina and Jennifer won gold and silver medal respectively in Senior Women's Foil event. Grace and Sharon won gold and bronze in Cadet Women's Foil event.
At the NAC in Kansas City from Nov 10th to Nov 13th, Jessica won silver in Y-14 Women's Foil event. This is a major event in North America with more than 100 fencers competing, many of them are highly skilled and experienced.
At the Brock Open held on Nov 18th and 19th, Michael S. won the gold medal in Cadet Men's Foil event; Sharon won bronze in U15 Women's Foil; Karina and Rachel won gold and bronze in Senior Women's Foil; Edward and Michael S. won gold and bronze in Junior Men's Foil; Michael Z., Jerry, and Fredrick won gold, silver and bronze in U13 Men's Foil; Rachel  won gold in Junior Women's Foil; Rachel and Sharon won gold and silver in Cadet Women's Foil; Jerry and James won silver and bronze in U15 Men's Foil.
At the Cobra Challenge SYC held in New Jersey from Nov 24th to 26th, Nicholas won bronze in Y12 Men's Foil. Alexander finished 8th in Y14 Men's Foil.
Head Coach from Singapore National Team Visits HHF
Nov 16th, 2017
Former head coach of Chinese national team, current head coach of Singapore nation team, an old friends ​of Coach Li, Mr. Xinsheng Min and his wife visited HHF.
The Mins were impressed about the growth of HHF, and very happy to see the facility as well as the members practicing and training. They trained the fencers while onsite, and had great discussions with Coach Li about the fencing sport trends and future cooperation opportunities.
Coach Li in France with Team Canada
Nov 3rd, 2017
HHF head coach Huahua Li accepted the invitation from Team Canada head coach Mr. Paul ApSimon and went to France with Team Canada for a training Camp, together with her student fencer Jessica from HHF. Team Canada trained with Japanese and French national teams. Coach Li trained the athletes and had discussions with Coaches from the three national teams. Coach Li commented: "Unlike many people might have imagined, the food and accommodations are pretty simple. This actually is a great advantage in that fencers will be focusing on the training itself. Training from fencers from the three national team is a great opportunity to broaden one's field of vision, inspire new ideas, and improve one's techniques."
Team Canada celebrated Coach Li's birthday while in France. To Coach Li's delight, she also met with her friend from many years ago, who is now team official of Team France. It was a very fruitful trip.
HHF Fencers Excels at Vango Young Lions Cup
Oct 15h, 2017
HHF Fencers win many medals at the competitions at Vango Young Lions Cup: Catherine and Grace won gold and silver in the Cadet Women's Foil event; Grace won gold in Y14 Women's Foil; Jason and James won gold and silver in Cadet Men's Foil; Nicolas, Issac and Jerry won gold and bronze in Y14 Men's Foil; Issac and Jerry won gold and silver in Y12 Men's Foil event.
It is very exciting to see many little fencers from HHF enter into fencing competition for the first time and performed great. They were brave and resilient, exhibited solid foundation skills and great sportsmanship.
Coach Huahua is very pleased about the young fencers performance. She said fencing competitions are great ways to gain valuable experiences, identify areas of improvements from technical, tactical and psychological perspective. She is confident that the young fencers will become better and better.
Women's Foil National Coach Visits Huahua Fencing
Sept 30th, 2017
The Women's Foil National Coach of Canada, Paul ApSimon, visits Huahua Fencing. Mr. ApSimon praised the contribution of Coach Huahua and Huahua Fencing to the fencing sport in Canada, and was very delighted to see the new facility. Coach ApSimon and Coach Huahua had great discussion about advancing the fencing sport in Canada and opportunities to work more closely in the future.
American Challenge RJCC Junior Women's Foil Event Results
Sept 16th, 2017
Congratulations to Jessica on winning the Silver medal at the American Challenge RJCC! Also Grace participated in this event for the first time and finished at the 16th place and became a Class B fencer in the US.
It was a tough win for both Jessica and Grace. This event is a major event in the Eastern Region, 74 fencers competed, among them many very strong fencers. Jessica was ranked 11th in the seeding and Grace 71st. They were able to finish amazingly, especially with their young age. What a great start of the season!
HHF's Nicolas Wins Gold at North Texas Roundup SYC
Sept 4th, 2017
Congratulations to Nicolas Wu on winning the Gold medal at the North Texas Roundup SYC!
Nicolas kicks off the new season with a great start! At the North Texas Roundup SYC held in Irving, TX, Nicolas started at the 9th in the seeding in Y12 Foil event. Among the 83 competing athletes, there are 8 of the top 10 ranked fencers in U.S. in the Y12 group. Nicolas defeated many strong opponents along the way and finished first. This is a incredible win! 
Go, Nicolas, Go!
Jessica from HHF Wins Bronze at the US 2017 Summer Nationals
Jul 4th, 2017
A huge congratulations to Jessica Guo from Huahua Fencing, who has just won the bronze medal at the US 2017 Summer Nationals! 
2017 Summer Nationals is held in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is a major competition in US Fencing. Jessica participated in Cadet Women's Foil event. There were more than 180 contestants in this event and among them, more than 30 fencers were A-level athletes.  Jessica, at the age of 12, entered as #79 in the seeding, achieved the amazing result and the best result so far in HHF history - the bronze medal. This is also the best result in this event among all Canadian fencers.
Way to go, Jessica!!
HHF Summer Camp Welcomes Visit From Western Varsity Fencing and Mustang Sword Club
Jul 4th, 2017

Huahua Fencing Summer Camp welcomes the visit from the Head Coaches of Western Varsity Fencing and Mustang Sword Club, Carol Christie and Brad Winder.  Carol and Brad spent the day with our Head Coach Huahua, observed the camp activities and exchanged ideas of fencing education. 

Carol and Brad have been Head Coaches at the Western as well as running the Mustang Sword Club since 2001. Mustang Sword Club is an influential club in the London region. 







HHF Fencers Win Medals at Ontario Youth Championships
Jun 25. 2017

2017 Ontario Youth Provincial Championships was held in Markham on Jun 24 and 25th. In the 6 foil events, HHF fencers won 4 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze medals. In the U15 Men's Foil event, Charlson Qi won Silver, Alexander Wu won Bronze; In the U15 Women's Foil event, Grace He won Gold, Catherine won Bronze; In U13 Men's Foil event, Alexander Wu won Gold, Nicolas Wu won Silver and Jerry Wu won Bronze; In U13 Women's Foil event, Catherine Wu won Gold, Sharon Huang won Bronze; In U11 Men's Foil event, Isaac Zhang won Gold; In U11 Women's Foil event, Sarah Lu won Bronze.

We are Expanding!
May 14. 2017
Huahua Fencing has finished renovation! We now have 7 pistes. There are ample parking spaces and walking trails, parks, baseball diamonds and soccer fields nearby. Come and visit us!
HHF Fencers Win Medals at 2017 Canadian Fencing Championships
April 23. 2017
2017 Canadian Fencing Championships is organized by the Canadian Fencing Federation, held in Gatineau, QC on Apr 21 - 23, 2017.  In the days of the competitions, HHF fencers won a number of medals:
In Women's Cadet Foil event, Jessica Guo won silver medal;
In Women's Junior Foil event, Jessica Guo and Karina Li won bronze medal;
In Men's Cadet Foil event, Charlson Qi won bronze medal;
In Women's U-15 Foil event, Jessica Guo won gold medal, 5 of the top 10 fencers in this event were from Huahua Fencing.
Huahua Fencers Perform at NAC March 2017 in Cleveland
March 13. 2017
Fencers From Huahua Fencing made a splash at the 2017 March NAC in Cleveland, OH. Congratulations to Jessica who won Silver medal in Y-14 Women's Foil event. There are more than 180 fencers in this event, among them 10 class A fencers. Other notable accomplishments  include: Charlson for the 22nd place in DIVII Men's Foil, Grace and Catherine for the 18th and 24th place in Y-12 Women's Foil respectively, Alexander for the 10th place in Y-12 Men's Foil, and Isaac for the 24th place in Y-10 Men's Foil event.
Fencers and their family noted that NAC is a great event with a large number of high caliber fencers, the competition is much more fiercer than most Canadian tournaments. Fencers gained great experience from it. They will learn from the experience, train even harder and excel in future competitions. 
Huahua Fencers Win Medals at Ontario Provincial Championships
March 06. 2017
The Ontario Fencing Championships was held in Kingston, Ontario on March 4th and 5th, 2017. During the competitions, fencers from Huahua Fencing won many medals. The women's Foil team won gold in the team event. Catherine, Maggie and Rachel won Gold, Silver and Bronze medal in the Cadet event in Women's Foil. In Junior Men's Foil event, Four of the fencers from Huahua Fencing advanced to top 8 and David won Bronze. Charlson won Bronze in Cadet Men's Foil event.  Karina, Jennifer, and Rachel was also awarded the Quest of Gold bursary at the Gala event. Congratulations!
Huahua Fencing Fencers Win Medals at Canada Cup Fencing Tournament
January 30. 2017

It was a very special Chinese New Year for a few members from Huahua Fencing. Canadian Fencing Federation (CCF) held the 2017 Canada Cup Fencing Tournament on Jab 28 – Jan 30 in Richmond, British Columbia, which coincides with the Chinese New Year. Despite of the long flights and jet lags, Members from Huahua Fencing won medals and good standings in this tournament. Jessica won the gold medal in Cadet Women’s Foil; Karina won the bronze medal in Cadet Women’s Foil; Edward and Charlson ranked #8 and #10 respectively in Cadet Men’s Foil. Coach Huahua commented: “Our fencers made great achievements in this tournament, they also gained valuable experiences. Jessica is not 12 years old yet, and she always trains hard. She defeated two national team fencers and won the gold medal. Her accomplishments are not a result of mere luck. Our fencers should learn from her. As usual, we will reflect on the tournament, identify the gaps, and learn from the experience. Way to go, Huahua fencers!”

Canada Cup Fencing Tournament is organized by CFF; it is one of the highest-level domestic fencing competitions. More than 50 fencers participated in the Cadet Men’s foil and Cadet Women’s Foil competition.

Huahua Fencing Fencers Receive Quest for Gold Bursary
January 29. 2017

The Ontario Fencing Association (OFA) recently announced a draft list of athletes and  who have been nominated for Ontario Cards under the 2016-2017 Quest for Gold - Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (OAAP). Congratulations to four members from Huahua Fencing’s women’s foil team, along with other 12 athletes, who are nominated as the recipients. “First I would like to congratulate all the recipients”, said Head Coach Huahua Li, “The honor is more important than the bursary itself. They have this achievement due to their total devotion, hard training and resilient spirit. I trust not only they will apply such spirit to other aspects of their lives, they will also influence other members on our team with such spirit.”

Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (OAAP) is funded by the Government of Ontario, through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (MTCS). The goal is to help Ontarians achieving world-class results at the highest levels of international competition. The recipient selection criteria are very detailed and stringent. For 2016-2017, the MTCS has allocated Ontario Fencing Association a total of 16 Ontario Cards (split evenly as 8 male and 8 female Cards). A minimum of 70% of the Ontario Cards will be allocated to what the MTCS defines as junior-aged athletes (11 to 22 years of age). A maximum of 30% of the Ontario Cards may be allocated to athletes no longer eligible for "junior athlete" status, (athletes 23 and over).

You can get more details from OFA web site.

Huahua Fencing Fencers Win Gold Medals in Tournaments in the U.S.
January 28. 2017

Congrtulations to Huahua Fencing fencer Jessica on her winning of the gold medal in “Capitol Clash SYC and Cadet RCC 2017” Y12 Women’s Foil event. 72 fencers participated in this event. Jessica also won Silver medal in Y14 Women’s Foil event among the 94 fencers, and won the 5th place in the Cadet Woman’s foil event. Coach Huahua commented: “With very limited opportunities to compete in high-level tournaments in Canada, our young fencers have to travel long and far. Jessica has advanced very quickly in her ranking, I am very pleased about her progress. I hope she will continue the momentum and reach her higher goals.”


Congratulation to Huahua Fencing fencer Isaac on his winning of the gold medal in “2017 South Coast Invitational RYC/RJCC - Region 4” Y10 Men’s Foil event. 27 Fencers participated in this event. Isaac’s Dad commented “We were vacationing in California and decided to compete in this tournament. I was surprised that so many people know about Huahua Fencing. Isaac learned a lot from this tournament. He now has better appreciation about the technical styles that the coach taught him, and also became stronger in managing the emotion and psychological aspects. Way to go!”

Canada Wins Bronze in Coupe Mondiale de Fleuret Cadets
December 29. 2016

Huahua Fencing fencers Karina andJessica represented Canada in “Coupe Mondiale de Fleuret Cadets” Women’s team event. After fierce competitions, Team Canada won the bronze medal. This tournament was held on November 26th and 27th in the city of Cabries in southern France. More than 400 athletes from 26 countries competed in this tournament. It is one of the top level fencing tournaments. 30 teams competed in the Women’s team event, with 20 teams entered the DE round.


Canada has two teams, 4 fencers in team 1 and 3 fencers in team 2. All but one are students of Coach Li. There are two current HHF members on each team.  Coach Huahua said ” Coupe Mondiale de Fleuret Cadets tournament is an annual competition and this is the 14th year. Many talented fencers are in this tournament. Karina represented Canada last year and got the bronze medal, it is a great honor that HHF fencers helped Canada winning the bronze again!”


Team US 1 Won gold medal and Team Japan 1 won silver. Team Canada 1 and Team Russia won the bronze. For more information please check:

Huahua Fencing Wins Best Fencing Club Award
December 29. 2016

Huahua Fencing wins the “Best Fencing Clubs” award from Nation Fencing Club Rankings. HHF was ranked 9th in Youth Women’s Foil Podium Medal Points, 13rd in Youth Men’s Foil Podium Medal Points, and 11th in Youth Women’s Foil top 8 medal points.


Coach Huahua commented “The US is the biggest country when it comes to sports. There are numerous fencing clubs; many of them are very good. The fact we can win this award means a lot to us. We will work harder and get better.”



National Fencing Club Rankings evaluated 615 member clubs in the year, only the 224 clubs that have at least one fencer get into top 16 in regional tournaments or up qualify for the ranking. 108 clubs were ranked in the Foil category.

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