Huahua Fencing was founded in 2011 in the town of Richmond Hill. Our Head Coach Huahua Li attracted many young enthusiastic fencers and parents with her exquisite fencing techniques, profound understanding of fencing sport theories and their applications, unreserved dedication and unique ideas about fencing education.

While most of the members of HHF are children, we also have fencers college-aged or older. In general, from the competition fencing point of view, fencers should start training around the age of 8. But there are many cases where people started training late in their life and still make great accomplishments.

About HHF

We have high quality equipment and apparatus for the training and competitions, such as standard piste, Favero scoring devices. Our new facility is bright and spacious, with 7 piste for teaching and training. In our facility we also have amenities such as study room, kitchen, and massage room. All current members are provided with a locker that they can store their equipment and personal belongings。

Huahua Fencing is proud of our culture. Our coaches work with the fencers to develop their individualized training plan, combine physical training with bouts, to ensure that they develop the necessary skills and abilities. All members of the club, including parents, are always ready to help each other as a team. 

At HHF, fencers learn and practice the sport; they also build friendship, discover their identifty, and grow into their better selves.


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