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Fencing originated from Europe based on sword fighting, dueling and self defense. It is considered one of the knight's activities. In mid 1700, Fencing has become a established sport with rules and organizations. There are three different weapons and hence three branches of the sports: foil, épée, and sabre. With further standardization and refinements, sport fencing became internationally  competed sport event. It was included in the first Olympics in 1896 in Athens, and has remained in the Olympics ever since. It is one of the only 4 sports that are in each and every Olympic games......

Group Training is an integral components in fencing training. The focuses are on physical strength, flexibility, agility, endurance and overall fitness. Tailored to the age groups, the group training at Huahua Fencing is fun and promotes team work, sportsmanship and compassion. It is very beneficial to the physical and mental development of young athletes.

Individual Training is one-on-one training with the coach. Whether you are a novice or a veteran fencer, you will benefit from the teaching and coaching on areas from basics to advanced techniques, specifically designed for you. Depending on the age, character and physical ability, the detailed training content and length vary.

HHF organizes March Break Camps, Summer Camps and Winter Camps. These camps are great opportunities to advance fencers' techniques and experiences. Please check the "News" section on our web site.

Our facility provides space and equipment for bouts. Fencers need to learn through actual bouts to apply what they learn from lessons. HHF also provides information and helps on participating in tournaments in the province and its vicinity.

It is recommended that fencers practice at home. However, the training at home should be limited to physical exercise and basics such as footwork, especially for novice fencers. This is to avoid forming incorrect habits for advanced techniques.