Princeton Fencers' Meet and Greet

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Come to Hua Hua Fencing Club to meet and greet 3 of Princeton’s top foilists! The fencing club will be hosting a forum open to all fencers and parents.


Princeton fencers, Samuel Barmann, Ashley Tsue, and Angela Li will be more than happy to discuss and answer any questions you may have about fencing, the recruitment process, and Princeton University (the #1 university for undergrads).


The discussion will be held on December 15th from 9am to 12pm, and afterwards, there will be free fencing from 1pm to 4pm. Come to Hua Hua Fencing Club to challenge the Princeton fencers! It is a hard to come by opportunity!


The entrance fee to the forum is $20/fencer + parent, and the entrance fee to free fencing is $5/fencer.