Congratulations to Jessica On Winning Silver at Lima 2019!
Aug 5, 2019

​A Huge Congratulations to Jessica on winning the silver medal at Lima 2019!







She Did it Again
Jul 19, 2019

Th​is July, HHF Fencer Jessica shines on the world stage again. At the young age of 13 years, Jessica not only started to participate world senior events, she shows strong performance in them. Jessica finished second in Pan America Championships in Toronto Canada; then finished 13th in World Senior Championships in  Budapest, Hungry. She is the only Canadian finished in top 16 in Women's Foil in this event.


Well done, Jessica!

HHF Fencers Represented Canada at 2019 Universiade
Jul 19, 2019

Coach Li and 3 HHF Fencers represented Canada at the 30th Universiade this July in Napolis, Italy. Coach Li recalled her early years when she participated in the Universiade as an athlete. HHF Fencers  Karina, David and Edward, qualified and participated in this year's event. It is a great experience for the university level fencers.

HHF Fencer Jessica Featured on Toronto Star
March 17, 2019

On March 17, 2019, HHF young fencer Jessica is featured on Toronto Star. Jessica started foil fencing training with Coach Li since a very young age. Now only 13 years old, she is poised to participate in the upcoming  2020 Olympics in Tokyo. This amazing achievement attracted media attentions, including Toronto Star, one of the most influential news papers in Canada. The full article can be found at:

HHF Fencers Shine at the Cadet and Junior World Championships
Apr 12, 2019

The 2019 Cadet and Junior World Championships are underway in Torun, Poland Apr 6th - Apr 14th. Jessica and Tinney represented Canada. On Apr 10th,  Jessica finished 5th in Cadet Women's Foil event at the young age of 14. The next day, team Canada finished 5th in the Junior Women's Foil Team event. An interesting fact: All four team Canada members started fencing with Coach Huahua. Coach Huahua was very happy and proud about the accomplishments of the girls.

Jessica Wins Gold, HHF Fencers Win Silver at The Cadet and Junior  Pan Am Championships
Feb 28, 2019

The Cadet and Junior Pan Am Championships are underway in Bogota, Colombia. On Tuesday Feb 26, Jessica became the Pan American Champion in Junior Women's Foil. She had a 15-8 victory against Tan (USA) in the final. On Wednesday Feb 27 Jessica, Grace, Catherine won Silver in the Women's Foil Team event. On Thursday, Feb 28, Jessica won Gold, Catherine finished 6th in the Cadet Women's Foil.

Updates from Recent Competitions
Feb 16, 2019

There has been a number of competitions in January and February. Here is a quick recap:

On Jan 05, Jessica won Silver at the NAC in Charlotte, NC in the Junior Women's Foil event. 185 Fencers participated in this event.

On Jan 12, Coach Li lead Team Canada participated in the Women's Foil Cadet Circuit Euro Cup in Poznan Poland. Annie, a student of Coach Li, won Gold in the individual event. 

On Jan 19, Tinney finished 7th in the Junior Women's Foil World Cup in Zagreb, Croatia.

On Jan 26, Jessica finished Top 8 in the Senior Women's Foil World Cup in St. Maur, France.

On Jan 26, Nicholas won Bronze in Cadet Men's Foil event; Jason won Gold, Alex and Nicholas won Bronze in U15 Men's Foil event; Grace won Silver and Liliya won Bronze in U15 Women's Foil event in the 2019 Canada Cup.

On Feb 16, Tinney Mak finished 7th 120 Junior World Cup Women's Foil in Modling, Austria. This is the 3rd time that she finished top 8th in World Cup.

HHF Fencers Win Gold and Bronze at Canada Cup East
Oct 28, 2018

The annual Canada Cup East was held in Gatineau Quebec this October. HHF fencers partcipated in the U15 Men's Foil event. The "Wu Brothers" Alexander Wu and Nicholas Wu won Gold and Bronze respectively. Jason Wan, Isaac Zhang and Frederick Yu from HHF finished 5th, 6th and 7th respectively. This makes four out of the top 8, which demonstrated the strength in Men's Foil events of the club.

​Learning the results, Coach Li commented: "U15 is the youngest age group in Canada Cup, it represents the future. I am glad that our fencers' strong performance. I am confident our Men's foil will become even stronger and perform even better in the future."

Team Canada Joins Effort with Huahua Fencing on High Performance Training Camps
Oct 21, 2018

Since last year, Canada Women's Foil National Team has been working collaboratively with Huahua Fencing on high performance training. This week, in preparation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Team Canada held another high performance training camp at HHF. The camp was extended to other high performance fencers over the last weekend.

While travelling overseas, Coach Li commented over the internet, "We are very excited and proud to be part of this effort. The young girls are making amazing progress and I wish them best of luck in the future training and competitions!"

Coach Yoann weighed in: "HHF has many excellent young fencers with bright futures. I hope many of them would make it into Team Canada. Together, we trained hard and also had so much fun in this week." Coach ApSimon once again thanked HHF and expressed the interests to have similar training camps at HHF in the future. 

HHF Fencers Win Medal at 2018 October NAC
Oct 15, 2018

HHF Fencers participated in the competitions at the October NAC in Milwaukee, WI.


On the first day, in the Women's Foil Cadet event, Tinney Mak won silver among 165 fencers. On Sunday, in the Women's Foil Division I event, Jessica faced off with Canadian Olympian Eleanor Harvey, and finished strong with a score 12-15. Eleanor went on and won Silver, Jessica finished 7th among 174 fencers, this is an amazing achievement for a fencer at such a young age in this event.

Jessica Wins at 2018 USA National Championships
Jul 2, 2018

Jessica did it again at the 2018 USA Fencing National Championships! The 2018 USA Fencing National Championships was held in St. Louis, MO from Jun 28th to Jul 3rd.


On Jun 30th, Jessica participated in the Junior Women's Foil event. Over 200 fencers, including over 90 class A athletes, from 10 countries competed in this event.  Jessica won Bronze in this event.

On Jul 2nd, Jessica competed in the Cadet Women's Foil event. Again, over 200 fencers participated in this event. Jessica finished strong and won Gold at this event.

Congratulations, Jessica!

HHF Fencers Take Home  Medals at 2018 Canadian National Championships
May 22, 2018

HHF fencers won more than 10 medals at 2018 Canadian National Championships in St. Catherine, ON.

Jessica won Gold, and Tinney won Bronze, Maggie and Catherine finished top 8 in the Senior Women's Foil event on the first day. In U-15 Women's Foil event, Catherine won Silver and Liliya finished top 8.  In Cadet Women's Foil event, Jessica, Grace, Catherine and Tinney swept the medals, won Gold, silver and Bronze respectively. In U-15 Men's Foil event, Alexander won Silver, and James finished top 8. In Junior Women's Foil event, Jessica and Tinney won Gold and Silver. Jessica won three Gold medals in this Championships. HHF Women's team 1 and team 2 also won Gold and Silver in the team event.

Congratulations to all fencers!

HHF Fencers Win Medals at NAC and Ontario Provincial Championships
Mar 11, 2018

The  spring is almost here while HHF fencers are competing at NAC in Baltimore, MD and at the Ontario Provincial Championships. 

At the Ontario Provincial Championships held in the University of Toronto, Rachel and Maggie won Gold and Bronze in the Junior Women's Foil event; Maggie and Miriam won Gold and Bronze in Cadet Women's Foil event. Edward won Bronze in Senior Men's Foil; Edward, Michael and Matthew won Bronze in Men's Foil Team event.

At the NAC, Sharon won Bronze in DivIII Women's Foil. In Y-12 Men's Foil, 189 fencers participated in the event. Nicholas won the 8th place; In Y-12 Women's Foild, 128 fencers participated. Jessica won Gold and Liliya won 8th place. In Y-14 Women's Foil, Jessica won Gold again, excelling from more than 200 fencers participating the event; Tinney also won Bronze in the same event. 

Canadian Fencing Federation published the notable results of Canadian fencers, and congratulated all fencers finished in top 16 positions.  HHF fencers took 7 of the 10 mentions. For more details please see:

HHF  Fencers Win Medals at the Ontario Winter Games
Mar 4, 2018

This year's Ontario Winter Games was held in Orillia. More than 3000​ athletes aged between 12 and 18 participated in 25 different sports. HHF fencers won many medals in the Foil Fencing events. 


In Men's Individual Foil event, Nicholas Wu and Jason Wan won Gold and Silver respectively; in Women's Individual Foil event, Grace He and Catherine Wu won Silver and Bronze respectively. Our Fencers also took home many medals from the team events: James Li for Gold and Eric Lu for Bronze in Men's Team Foil; Liliya Song for Gold, Catherine Wu, Sharon Huang and Elizabeth Li for Silver, Grace He and Selina Hu for Bronze in the Women's Team Foil event.

With Coach Li, Team Canada Wins Gold, Silver and Bronze at European Cadet Circuit
Jan 14, 2018

Coach Li led Team Canada of Women's Foil joined the competition at European Cadet Circuit in Poznan, Poland.  HHF girls Jessica, Rachel and Maggie were on the team. Despite the long and tiring travel, the girls achieved amazing accomplishments. Jessica won Silver and Tinney won Bronze in the Individual event, Team 1 of Canada won Gold in team event. This is the best performance for Team Canada in European Cadet Circuit.

More than 180 fencers from 19 different countries participated in this competition. At the age of 12, Jessica took the silver with great performance bout after bout. This is Jessica's second silver from European Cadet Circuit for this fencing season. Coach Li's former student Tinney won Bronze. Team Canada finished with 4 of the top 8 positions. Congratulations!!

38 teams participated in the team event. Team 1 of Canada, with Jessica, Tinney, Jane and Ying on the team, faced off with Team 1 of Poland, and finished with a strong result of 45:15 and won Gold medals proudly. What a spectacular win! Congratulations again!!

Our photo album of the 2018 Jan European Cadet Circuit

Team Canada Comes to HHF for the New Year Camp
Jan 02, 2018

The Head Coach of Team Canada Foil Fencing Paul ApSimon is joining HHF's 2018 New Year's Camp with other team coaches and fencers. Mr. ApSimon said the team was glad to join HHF for the training camp and he looked forward to work with Coach Li again.

Coach Li commented: "A very warm welcome to Team Canada from everyone here at HHF. This is going to be a great learning opportunities to the fencers in the camp. We are honoured to have this privilege. As we are having a great start of 2018, I believe this is also going to be the start of much more interaction and cooperation between our club and Team Canada."


Team Canada coaches trained the campers and are impressed about the solid foundations and the positive attitudes of the HHF fencers. Fencers at HHF are very excited to trained along side with Team Canada. They value this great opportunity. Many fencers said this is the best camp they have attended. We are confident that the 2018 New Year Camp will be a memorable one for all participants.

Congratulations to Jessica on Winning Silver Medal at Europe Cadet Circuit Event
Dec 4th, 2017

Congratulations to Jessica from HHF who just won a valuable silver medal at the Europe Women’s Foil Cadet Circuit Event at Tauberbischofsheim, Germany.

​This event is a major international event in Women’s Foil Fencing. More than 220 high performance fencers from 25 countries in Europe, America and Asia participated in this event. Jessica, at the age of 12, is one of the youngest fencers in the event. After two days of intense competition, Jessica made to the final and finished with a strong score of 10:15. This is the third time that Jessica participated Europe Cadet Circuit Events and it is a great accomplishment with this silver medal. Canadian Fencing Federation sends Congratulations to Jessica and Coach Li.

​Coach Li commented: “This is an achievement that worth celebrating. This event is a very high calibre event. Jessica has made amazing progress in recent years. This new success is a result of her hard training and great support from her family. As the lyrics said, ‘Nobody succeeds casually’. I hope this silver medal not only brings great pride to our club, but also brings inspiration to the parents and fencers.”


For more details about the event, please see​.

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