Member Profiles

Angela Li

Angela started learning fencing with Coach Li at the age of 11. Within a few years, she made a number of accomplishments including multiple national champions. She represented Canada in many international tournaments, won PanAm Championship twice and many medals in North America Cup and Fencing tournaments. She was also awarded "Athlete of the Year" by Canadian Fencing Federation and Ontario Fencing Association.


After graduating from the Havergal College in Toronto, she was admitted by Princeton University and now is a member of Princeton's Foil Fencing team. 

Karina Li

Karina started learning fencing at the age of 10. She was drafted into Canadian National team at the age of 13, and represented Canada in many international competitions. She has won silver at the PanAm Fencing tournament, 8th place in Euro Cup tournament, and bronze in "Coupe Mondiale de Fleuret Cadets" twice for team Canada. Karina has already won gold in national competition many times. 

​Besides sport fencing,Karina also loves arts. Some of her paintings were put on exhibition at the Toronto City Hall.

​David Chen-Li

David started training in foil fencing with Coach Huahua Li at the age of 12. He has since made some notable accomplishments in national and international tournaments. With his demonstrated leadership skills, he grew into the position of Assistant Coach at HHF. He was silver and bronze medalist in Canada Cup fencing tournaments and competed in the Euro Cup fencing tournaments.

David also holds Taekwondo First Dan Black Belt certificate and RCM piano level 10 certificate. He is currently studying at the University of Toronto.

Jessica Guo

Jessica started learning foil fencing with Coach Huahua Li in 2013. In a few years, she has become one of the notable young fencers in Canada. At the age of eleven, she represented Canada in the Coupe Mondiale de Fleuret Cadets and won bronze medal in the team event. She also won many gold medals in national tournaments in the U.S. and Canada. She is currently the youngest Cadet champion in Canada.