About Sabre Fencing

Sabre takes its roots from the cavalry where the goal was to hit the opponent over the waist. It is the only weapon in fencing where it is allowed to hit with the cutting edge (side of the blade). Sabre is the fastest of the 3 weapons. Actions can end under 2 seconds so the athletes must develop a good game plan and adjust very quickly.


Training in sabre include: physical training, fencing technics and a strong mental understanding of the match.


Our sabre squad started in 2019. Some are members of the Canadian High-Performance Program.

Bouts and Competitions

Our facility provides space and equipment for bouts. Fencers need to learn through actual bouts to apply what they learn from lessons. HHF also provides information and helps on participating in local, provincial and national tournaments.

Group Training

Hua Hua Fencing runs group trainings in 3 levels; beginner, intermediate and competitive.


Student in beginner program will learn the content of the Yellow armband including Footwork, Attacks and Parries. At the end of the program, fencer will pass an evaluation to reach the next level. The program runs 10 classes (1.5 hrs each) in total and each class is capped at 10 students.

Our intermediate class is designed to develop the beginner fencer toward a competitive athlete. It may include local and provincial competitions. Athletes will also be given a progression handbook that is to be filled by the coach on a monthly basis. Suggested training time per week is 3-6 hours.

The competitive group is for fencers who have already completed in a few local and provincial competitions are working to reach a better level. Competitive athlete should plan to competes in high level tournaments such as Canada Cups,  Canadian Nationals and North America Cups. A personal competition and training program will be made for each individual athlete by the coaches. Recommended training is 8-12 hours per week.

High-Performance Training (HP)

Our High-Performance athletes are fencers who wants to achieve tremendous goals on a National, North American and International level.


A personal competitions and training program will be taylored for each individual athlete by the coaches. To qualify for HP, the

athlete must be an member of Canadian High-Performance Program.

It is recommended that HP athlete train at least 12 hours per week.

Individual Training

Individual Training is one-on-one training with the coach. Whether you are a novice or a veteran fencer, you will benefit from the teaching and coaching on areas from basics to advanced techniques, specifically designed for you. Depending on the age, character and physical ability, the detailed training content and length vary.


HHF organizes March Break Camps, Summer Camps and Winter Camps. These camps are great opportunities to advance fencers' techniques and experiences. Please check our Camp section for upcoming camps.